The Business Sale System Book
Insider Secrets to Selling Any Small Business

From the book's back cover:

Every business owner dreams of cashing in for big money, but few ever realize that dream...

The most common factor keeping owners from their dream of cashing out is lack of knowledge about what it takes to successfully sell a business.

The Business Sale System provides an easy-to-follow, step by step approach for selling any small business at the highest price possible.

What other business sellers say

"It's important to have a solid plan for selling your business, and this book lays out a step-by-step roadmap for a successful sale." Curt Wilson

"This book provides the know-how to stand eyeball to eyeball with any business buyer." Wayne Krueger

"The information in this book means you won't have to go it alone when you decide to sell your business." Jeff Bennett


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OPTION 1: Order the book The Business Sale System: Insider Secrets To Selling Any Small Business

304 pages of valuable information and step-by-step strategies for selling any small business at the best price possible. Book is shipped via Priority Air, delivered within 5 days. Only $3 for shipping in the U.S. and Canada.

Only $19.95 plus $3 shipping, delivered to your door (US addresses) within 5 days.

OPTION 2: Service Package includes the book, plus two valuable bonuses:

(1) The book, The Business Sale System: Insider Secrets To Selling Any Small Business.

(2) Access to download files of the documents shown in the book - documents are in text files that you can easily modify to fit your business sale situation. You'll receive the web address to access the files with your book.

(3) E-mail question and answer privileges - Imagine having an experienced, impartial business sale expert to turn to with questions on how to apply the principles in the book to your specific business. That's what this bonus gives you. E-mail me with as many questions as you want and I'll give you personalized, detailed answers (no canned responses, I read each question and write a specific answer). Since I respond personally and usually in great detail to every email, I must limit each reader to a maximum of two emails (but feel free to ask as many questions as you'd like in each email.). There is no time limit on the emails - if you are just thinking of selling right now and don't end up emailing me for several months or longer, I will still be here to answer your questions.

Cost of the package is $54.95 plus $3 shipping, delivered to you within 5 days via Priority Air, access to document files, and e-mail question and answer.

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